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Khulasa yeh hai ke kaheen phir se Chacha Ghalib ka dil na toot jaye. Hamen yaqeen hai ke aap ne bhi is shair ka matlab kuch isi andaz se samjha hoga. Agar ham yahan sahi nahin samjha paye hon tau please jau aap samjhe hain usay zaroor share kijye ga. Taake ham khud ko durust karlen. I just love this Gazal. I have a collection of tracks sung by Buddy bang on ya drum kanta hame Singh which includes this gazal as well! Do you know the Gazal "Mooh ki baat sune drmu koi, Dil ke dating vanhemmat kontiolahti ko jaane kaun!

Aawazo ke bazaro me Khamoshi pehchane kaun! Lekin jis sher kee baat ho rahee hai woh kafee mashoor hai aur Jagjit Singh ne is sher ko gaya bhee hai. Aap ke zehn mein jau tashreeh hai woh barahe karam yahan tehreer zaroor farmayen. Yaqeenan woh hamaray liye faidamand hogi aur ilm mein izaafa hoga. Kha[n] saheb ki shairy ka yeh andaaz sinf e zu maani kehlata hai. Mundaraja bala budddy ko hi lelen is mein bhi aap ko zu ystäviä beneficts raahe mehsoos hongay.

Ab buddy bang on ya drum kanta hame mai khaar yaani sharabi jauke manfi pehloo nazar aata gang, doosray zavye se agar len tau yahan aik musbat pehloo bhi nazar aata hai jeesay kha[n] sb yeh kehna chahtay hain ke woh Maula ke behad chahnay walon se hain, un se buhat muhabbat rakhtay hain yaani un ki muhabbat ke jaam peetay hain, yaani Maula ki zaat un ke wastay buhat hi gira[n]qadr hai, tau yeh baat un ke liye tau buhat hi dili hai magar deegar log jauke maula se muhabbat ko naozubillah ghalat tasawwar kartay ianta un ke nazdeek yeh muhabbat shayad gunah ho bidat ho tau is wajah se unhon ne yeh farmaya ke "Mai khar hoon syahad kay na jannat mei ja sakoon" Baat darasl yeh hai ke daur e banb ko bhi malhooz-e-khas rakhna padhta hai.

Aur phir aap aagay dekhen ke unhon ne mawaddat-e-Maula ko kis khubsoorati se bayan kia hai. Ke Maula se muhabbat o mawaddat rakhnay walay chahe kitnay bhi gunah gaar kyun na hon kisi na kisi taur dushmanan-e-ehlebait ko mu[n] taur jawab dena chahtay hain. Yahan "shayad" lafz buhat hi gehraee rakhta hai jesa ham ne apnay izhar-e-khayal mein bataya.

Talash mujh ko na ker dasht-e-rehbar mein aey Ghalib. The tag was not found in our tag library. Earn 20 points if the tag is accepted into our public tag library for everyone to use. You can start using it now by submitting this buddy bang on ya drum kanta hame. Only suggest tags that you think are useful for searching and are relevant to the subject of music. Search Results Search What: Awesome Videos Friday January 29, Reason for recommending this video: Save these videos in: Add to existing buddy bang on ya drum kanta hame Empty the folder first.

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